Flush In-Ground Vases & Accessories

Vases: There are many types of vases that can be placed on or around a monument that you can place either real or artificial flowers. They come in various colors that will match the granite of your monument, can be crafted out of bronze, granite, or metal, and are offered in all shapes and sizes.

Our most popular models include:

Traditional Round and Square Vases : these are the most common types of vases, and are most often seen on the sides of a traditional or upright monument.

Patriot Vases : these vases are attached to the side or back of a monument, and allow for flowers to be placed inside.

In-Ground vases : these vases are anchored in the ground and can be placed around a monument, and are often used for smaller markers that do not have room to have a vase attached.

Accessories: There are many options out there for monument accessories, which can include photographs, bronze artwork, marble figures, and stained glass artwork.

Ceramic Pictures : Offered in full color and black and white, we can use any high quality photograph of your loved one.

Stained Glass : Our artists can also create stained glass artwork to bring color and personality to a design.

Bronze Artwork : Along with a large selection of inventory items, we work closely with artists such as Louisville's Raymond Graf that can custom design and create personalized busts or other commissioned bronze pieces for your monument.

Pee-Wee ReeseThe wonderful work of Louisvillian Raymond Graf is sometimes bold, sometimes delicate, but always expressive. From the softness of the smallest cherub to the rough and tumble personality of a major league baseball player, he is able to capture the emotion of the moment. We are honored to offer his creativity.