Cemetery Lettering Service and Monument Engraving

Lettering Services

Most monuments that were made for more than one person, from time to time, need additional lettering. The monument show to the right will eventually need a final date added. The people who do our lettering service work are talented and experienced craftsmen who are skilled in the art of cutting and carving stone.

Our staff is trained to carefully check the spelling and the accuracy of dates that are to be added to a monument. They monitor work schedules to ensure that the job is completed on time. In addition, until the work has been finished, we stay in touch with each customer to keep them abreast of our progress.

Many jobs involving additional carving or inscription changes can be done in the cemetery without the necessity of moving the monument. The customer’s satisfaction with our work is always guaranteed.

Monument Cleaning and Repair

We offer monument cleaning and repair services. If a monument was damaged due to a storm or accident, we can repair it! Even if it has a large crack or a piece has broken off (please keep any broken pieces, we may be able to reattach them). If a monument is damaged while in the cemetery, due to human error, it be covered by the cemetery’s insurance policy.