Cremation Services and Funeral Plans

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Emmett A. "Tony" Ratterman, Jr, Licensed Funeral Director

All of our direct cremation care options normally include bathing, shampooing, dressing and light cosmetics for your loved-one. We hope that our professional care for the appearance of your loved-one brings a sense of peace and relief to your family.

We also hope that your family feels the warmth of welcome while in our care; and that you find our cost for services to be both reasonable and pleasingly affordable.

Basic Cremation Care - $985

Includes crematory fee and basic fiberboard alternative cremation container. Loved ones cremains placed in plastic container provided by the crematory. (Maximum three persons for Identification Farewell.)

Quality Cremation - $1,295

Includes crematory fee and our all- white "Coverlet" Cremation Container with full pillow for Private Family Visitation and cremation. Nice cremation urn is included as well. All family is invited for one-hour final farewell and prayers.

Cremation with Private Family and Close Friends Gathering - $1,795

Includes crematory fee, our nice cremation urn and our Basic Dignified Casket. Two hours of private traditional family visitation is provided usually ending with prayer. Coffee Lounge also included at no extra cost.

Family Farewell gatherings are scheduled 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday thru Friday at J.B.Ratterman & Sons Funerals and Family Cremation Care, 2114 West Market St., Louisville, KY 40212

If autopsy was performed, additional professional care would be necessary for family farewell.

Memorial Visitations and Memorial Funeral Services may be scheduled either at our funeral home ($700 to $855) or at other local Ratterman Evans affiliated funeral homes.

Church/Retirement Home Funeral Plan - $2,995

Includes Visitation Monday-Friday before 4pm at our funeral home, your church, or retirement home, ending with prayers or funeral ceremony. Includes Cremation or Burial Casket and Visitors Registry.

Celebration of Life...Our Honor.

We are pleased to recommend Louisville's Churches or Family Owned Funeral Homes for Celebration of Life Memorial Visitations and Funeral Ceremonies. At life's most difficult time, only love shared by family and friends sows the seeds of healing.


Kentucky Law requires the individual's remains to be identified before cremation can take place. The individual making the identification can be the authorizing agent(s), a family member, friend, coroner, or any other person, who has personal knowledge of the decedent or the ability to make positive identification and who accepts any liability arising from such identification.