Why Not Buy a Monument from a Cemetery?

“Would you buy furniture from your realtor?” One of our customers explained to us why they decided to purchase their monument from us instead of at the cemetery. We tend to agree, but also feel that our family’s 75+ years of combined experience in the industry sets us apart as well.

Setting aside our bias, we feel it is our obligation to the community to clear up some common misconceptions. Our goal is to help your family create a loving tribute for generations to come.

Common misconceptions regarding monument purchases:

1. Monuments must be purchased from the cemetery where your loved one is buried.

Some cemeteries sell monuments. After a family member has passed away, it is not unusual for the cemetery to call in an attempt to sell you a monument in your time of grief. Unfortunately, some cemeteries will insinuate that the monument must be bought from them. The law does not permit a cemetery to dictate where a family buys its monument. A family is certainly free to buy from whomever it chooses. It is also prohibited, by law, for the cemetery to provide less care to someone’s property because the monument was purchased elsewhere. In most cases, warranties issued by reputable monument companies are far superior to the limited warranties issued by most cemeteries.

2. Monuments purchased outside of a cemetery are not covered by warranties in cases of damage.

Some cemeteries will (incorrectly) indicate that a monument has no warranty if it is not purchased from the cemetery. Another occasional tactic is the indication that the cemetery has no responsibility, if the monument was bought elsewhere, even if one of their employees damages the monument with a lawnmower or other equipment. In the event of damage by a cemetery employee, the cemetery are most certainly liable.

3. Cemeteries have more experience designing a monument.

Most local cemeteries began selling monuments within the past few years, whereas monument company designers have been creating lasting memorials for decades. The majority of monuments you see in the cemetery were designed and installed by local monument companies, not the cemetery.

4. The most intricate designs were created by the cemetery.

Most cemetery salespeople who ask you to buy a monument from them have good intentions. They want to be helpful and are doing their job. The fact of the matter is that very few of them have any monument design experience or training and most work selling monuments only on a part time basis. The monument business to them is nothing more than a part-time effort to raise additional sales revenue.