Lousiville Catholic Cemeteries

We design and install monuments in all active Louisville Catholic Cemeteries, including Calvary Cemetery, St. Michael Cemetery, St. Louis Cemetery, as well as many local Parish cemeteries around the state of Kentucky and Indiana.

Calvary Cemetery

Catholic Calvary Cemetery EntranceCalvary Cemetery, located at 1600 Newburg Rd, is the largest active Catholic Cemetery in Louisville. It is a short drive (8 minutes) from Evans Monument Company. Tom Evans has been designing monuments located in Calvary Cemetery for over twenty years. The Sisters of Mercy, Resurrectionist Priests and Xavierian Brothers all have land in this cemetery. The Rachel mourning statue silently sits in the center of the Holy Innocents section for infants of all faiths. Various size lots and areas for private mausoleums transform the valleys and hills into a city of stone and art. Notable Archbishops buried in the section for Diocesan priests include Archbishops Floersch and McDonough.

Other Archdiocesan Cemeteries in Louisville

St. Michael Cemetery

St. Michael Catholic Cemetery is located on Charles Street. It was originally established in 1851 as St. Michael , Gottes Acker (God’s Acre). Some notable names located in St. Michael Cemetery are Tim McLaughlin, Jimmie Lloyd Logsdon and Victor Matare.

St. Louis Cemetery

St. Louis Catholic Cemetery is located on Barret Avenue, and was established in 1867. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘Irish’ Catholic Cemetery, although many different Catholic families from various backgrounds are buried there.

St. John Cemetery

St. John Catholic Cemetery is located off 26th and Duncan Streets, and sits on 9 acres of land. It was originally called St. Mary’s Cemetery, and is known as the German Catholic Cemetery in Louisville.

Parish Cemeteries

Inside Jefferson County, there are two Louisville Parish Cemeteries, St. Andrews Catholic Cemetery and Saint Edwards Catholic Cemetery. Both are tended by the local parish churches of St. Paul Church and St. Edward Church, respectively. There are over 40 catholic cemeteries outside of Jefferson Country that we work with to ensure you have the most elegant monument design in your local cemetery.