Cemetery Monument Questions

Do you work in all cemeteries?
Yes, we design and install monuments in all cemeteries, both public and private, of any religious denomination, in any state. We have proudly created monuments for our families from Alaska to Florida and from New York to California.

Am I required to purchase my monument from the cemetery?
Absolutely not. Regardless of what the cemetery may imply, you may purchase your monument from whomever you choose. Kentucky State Law (KRS 381.697) does not permit cemeteries to limit the care of your plot if your monument is not purchased from them.

KRS 381.697
Every cemetery in Kentucky except private family cemeteries shall be maintained by its legal owner or owners, without respect to the individual owners of burial plots in the cemetery, in such a manner so as to keep the burial grounds or cemetery free of growth of weeds, free from accumulated debris, displaced tombstones, or other signs and indication of vandalism or gross neglect.

Why not buy our monument from a cemetery?
Our Louisville, Kentucky family has over 75 years of experience in monument design and installation, and is the only focus of our business. One of our customers, when asked “Why did you choose to work with us instead of the cemetery” put it quite simply: “I wouldn’t buy furniture from my realtor”. To read more of our thoughts on the matter, view the Why Not Buy from a Cemetery page.

When should a monument be purchased?
Many people prefer to plan and purchase a monument well in advance of need (often refereed to as ‘pre-need’). By doing so, they are able to select the appearance and content of their own monument rather than leaving the expense and chore to someone else.

Following the loss of a family member, a monument should be purchased only when one feels, emotionally, ready to do so. Generally speaking, our advice is to wait 30 to 60 days before making a purchase. This will allow one’s emotions to settle and head to clear. Good decisions as to what to purchase are more difficult immediately following the loss of a family member. We are happy to help design a beautiful monument when you feel ready to take this step.